Hi, my name is Cody Good. I came up with the concept of Deylandra in September 2008 when I was living and working in Germany. I had been trying to learn German for 5-6 years. I would typically order a software program, practice for 1-2 weeks, get bored and give up, only to try again a year or two later.

Like a gym membership, a person will start with a lot of enthusiasm only to gradually lose interest when they realize how much work learning a new language is.

After struggling to learn German for 5-6 years, I came to the conclusion that the only way to truly learn German would be to move to Germany and be immersed in the language.

Three months after moving to Germany and being immersed, I still didn't speak any German. The idea that by being surrounded with the language, you'll magically absorb it, is false. This only works for medium to advanced speakers. In order to learn your brain needs to attach meaning to the words you're hearing on the streets, in the market, at the restaurant. If you're starting from scratch, it's very difficult to assign meaning to words. The best analogy is Wheel of Fortune. If there is a puzzle and no letters have been revealed, it's difficult to guess the puzzle. If you have some understanding of the language, then it's like looking at a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with some letters revealed, and you have a better chance at guessing the meaning.

Once you reach a certain threshold of knowledge, then by living in that country it will continually reinforce itself as you use the language everyday, but you must reach an initial threshold first.

That's what a good language program should do, but after trying a number of software programs I couldn't find anything that wasn't extremely boring. Language classes, I also found to be boring and stressful.

I decided to make a language program that was primarily fun and entertaining to use. With Deylandra, you'll no longer be learning from the classroom, a book, or a teacher. You can learn from regular people on the streets.

I hope you enjoy Deylandra. Please keep in mind we just launched the service. Things will be getting better every day as we add new features and video. We're currently adding over 100 new video clips everyday. We will also be trying to keep prices as low as possible. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me at cody@deylandra.com or call 916-307-3344.